American Penyet

Quick Chicken's delicious mix of Indonesian flavor and American style fried chicken

Eat Good,
Feel Good

Quick Chicken is made with locally sourced, high quality ingredients to give you great taste in every bite

Indonesia's Fried Chicken Concept

Quick Chicken is 100% Indonesian made and we are proud of it! Our menu brings local twist into modern fried chicken concept, offering rich flavours and a lot of fun!

Tasty Franchise Opportunity

We are looking for new partners that are excited for tasty fried chicken and profitable business!

  • Crispy Chicken
    Favourite Menu
    Crispy Chicken
    Processed with the best seasoned flour, Crispy Chicken has become Quick Chicken's signature style that is worthy to be served by Indonesian families. The crispiness of the skin and the deliciousness of the spices that seeped into the bones, can always spoil your taste bud in every bite.
  • American Penyet
    Favourite Menu
    American Penyet
    American Penyet is a Crispy Chicken that served with sambal bajak which is made using real Indonesian shrimp paste. The blend of the flavors which is rich in Indonesia authentic original spices on the fried chicken, makes this favorite menu became one of the food that has a unique taste.







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